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We currently offer 2 sizes of Samsung tablets to operate as the interface for our POS. Choose either our 10.1″ tablet for great visibility or our 8″ tablet for a more discrete solution.

Square card reader

The Square Readers we provide accept payments via EMV (chips on cards) and NFC (near field communication allowing Tap-to-Pay) to ensure fast and secure processing.

Square Dock

The Square Dock elevates and powers the Reader. Protecting the equipment from wet surfaces and aiding consumers in identifying the point of payment for faster transactions.

Tablet Stand

Bracket display for the Tablet that rotates 90°, making the sales experience more ergonomic for users. The stand also houses a cable to charge the Tablet while elevating it from surfaces.

Power Accessories

We include everything essential to power the Tablet. Reader and Dock. Hardware will be supplied at full charge, however, it is recommended the devices remain powered when in use.

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